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Our Holiday specials are weeks we have designed a fresh and different type of holiday for our guests

Sicily is continuing to be a great success, it's truly a beautiful location and we have added a new venue in Southern Sicily. We have also added a new villa in Tuscany, a new boutique hotel and location in Sardinia as well as our existing villa in Le Marche. For 2023 we are running our third Pilates health and well-being retreat week in Sicily 10th-17th June and are really excited at what we have in store for our guests, call now to find out what's on offer.  In October we are running another live life like an Italian week in our beautiful villa/farmhouse in Le Marche on the Adriatic coast. A chance to see how olives are grown, harvested and turned into oil. To see how the local people turn fantastic leather into beautiful shoes, this is the shoe capital of Italy. See how locals turn the rich red clay of the region into stunning pottery and make a pot yourself to take home with you.


Watch this space for more details of our new and exciting holiday special venues.

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